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Re: Any Park Members?

from Arkie on 09/23/2017 03:26 PM

It's nice to see a few old Park members here. It really was an incredable place in it's time. With all of the modern communications available I'm not sure a chat room would survive now although it's not without it's own charms. With the modern technology you only communicate with people you already know, for the most part. With the chat rooms, you had the oppertunity to meet and get to know all kinds of new people from around the world. You made many new friends, or aquaintences. It was a place I know that I was always anxious to go. While most people might have spent their friday nights out on the town I always found it more pleasurable to sit down in front of my computer and visit with all my online friends. That may sound a little weird, but the chatroom held it's own magic, it's own fun. Those of you that had this experience will understand where I'm coming from. For those of you that didn't. I'm sorry. You missed a fantastic adventure or experience.

I hope to see more of the people I remember on here. I chatted mostly in the 40 something room, thus my age at the time.
Best wishes to all. :)


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